CVRF invests in the future of communities by providing opportunities to build local wealth. In our pathway programs, it starts with the young people. We engage youth with hands-on experiences related to workplace responsibilities, leadership skill development, education and career goal exploring, and funding awards to those pursuing a college degree or training certificate.

Creating a pathway to the future

Our vision of what lies ahead is that our young people grow into world-class leaders who can use their education to give back to our communities. At our core, we help people build their own success and facilitate a network of mentors for future generations. Through meaningful opportunities and intentional programming, we aim to build an educational pathway toward career success. Our objective is to cultivate people into the type of employee CVRF would like to hire full-time, whether that is on a vessel in the maritime industry, in a corporate office guiding operations, or in a member community delivering programs and services to our people. Learn about each of our pathway programs below.

Youth to Work

The Youth to Work program provides a positive first work experience for young adults, ages 14-19 in the Coastal Villages region.


The Ciuneq program is designed to help youth participants better understand the different career pathways available in Alaska, Washington and the Bering Sea.


The Louis Bunyan Memorial Scholarship Fund enables residents pursuing higher education or certificate programs to receive money for tuition, room and board, books and required fees.


Internships with CVRF provide an important platform for developing professional skills and acquiring knowledge.

"I think it is very important to participate in any employment at a young age because a first job is more than a paycheck It’s a privilege to boost one’s confidence, a way to appreciate the value of education and an experience that can help you envision a career path."