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Living in rural Alaska is expensive. CVRF supports residents by providing goods and services to key stakeholders and community leaders that ultimately help residents save money and gain traction toward economic stability.

Heating Oil Program

The Heating Oil Program provides residents an important break from the hefty costs of heating their homes during the cold months of the year. CVRF staff work with local governing bodies to identify all heads of households and work with heating oil vendors directly for the distribution of this benefit.

Elder Program

Each winter, CVRF distributes much-needed heating oil and other necessities to elders living in the region as part of its longstanding Elder Program. In 2018, CVRF distributed 46 gallons of heating oil and 60 pounds of high-quality meat from an Alaskan butcher shop to more than 720 elders in the communities, the value of these items per person totals roughly $548.

worth of heating oil was distributed to more than 2160 households in the 2019 Heating Oil Program
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Designated Fund

In 2019, CVRF awarded more than $440,000 in funding to local organizations that submitted approved project plans for community and economic development projects that largely contributed to community safety efforts.

Funeral and Burial Assistance

CVRF helps alleviate the burden of funeral costs for region residents burying family members in one of the 20 CVRF communities. Families may receive up to $500 for assistance with purchasing food and necessities for the funeral feast, and up to $500 for burial assistance. Burial assistance can help with casket purchase, air freight of the casket or materials for local casket building. In 2018, CVRF contributed more than $50,000 for assistance with 51 funerals.

“The Elder Program is a very positive and rewarding program because it truly helps our elders in times of need. Some of the elders aren't working so it really helps with food sources, and fuel that we need during the cold winter. The Elder Program helps with all the hardships and I encourage CVRF to continue to bring positive benefits to our people.”