Community Essentials

Providing infrastructure and tools vital to the way of life along the Bering Sea and Kuskokwim Delta: our people are our greatest asset. We depend on one another and strive to take care of each other because when people have what they need to build a good life, our entire region and future benefits. We support public safety, our elders, community leaders, and stakeholders as we have for thousands of years.

Providing goods and services necessary for daily life in the communities

We know that when there are job opportunities, access to resources, and industrious people willing to think boldly and continue to innovate, our self-determination knows no limits to the type of community we wish to manifest. We believe our actions are guided by our values, and our inspiration is driven by fairness, and delivered in a safe, friendly, cooperative, and productive spirit. As our region continues to grow, our programs and services reflect the support needed in areas such as tax preparation, transportation, heating oil, and public safety. To secure economic independence, we seek to build the skills and resources to own, operate, and maintain our ability to provide for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Mechanic/Welder Services

From repairs, to maintenance, to custom built parts, M/Ws provide a service beyond the mechanics: self-sufficiency. They participate in a variety of training programs each year to stay up to date with professional standards and to better meet the needs of CVRF residents.

Pollock Provides

Living in rural Alaska has unique challenges. CVRF works hard to support key stakeholders to benefit the whole region, without creating dependence.
“The CVRF shop is very important in our community and was a needed business that all residents have come to depend on. The heating oil program is priceless because some people just can’t afford the cost of heating fuel through-out the year. Last, the People Propel program has been one of the most requested programs to purchasing products at a 30% discount. No organization can even come out to our communities and said they are here to help us like CVRF has.”