Community Service

Pulling strength from within: Through unity, teamwork, mutual respect, and thoughtfulness for each other, our CVRF staff members in the communities, corporate offices and Bering Sea work hard every day to steer ourselves toward the destiny which we desire. That is, to provide legitimate opportunities, meaningful resources, and sustainable wealth for our people to take care of themselves and their families in healthy, thriving communities.

Realizing the potential of our region’s most important asset: Our people

Across the Coastal Villages region, Community Service Representatives (CSRs) play a vital role in delivering the many benefits and services available to residents each year. Our highly skilled Mechanic/Welders (M/Ws) provide much needed shop services to repair or build custom parts for residents’ equipment crucial to daily life in the village. M/Ws are supported by Service Writers (SWs) who help maintain a smooth and efficient service shop by assisting with diagnosing problems, creating work orders and clearly communicating estimated costs and completion times to customers. CVRF’s presence in every community means local staff are residents assisting fellow residents. We are proud to hire innovative, motivated, and dedicated people.

Our projects and programs are designed to stimulate local economy through job opportunities with real expectations that promote real achievements; educational and training opportunities to help enhance people’s workforce skills; and support for essential needs to help residents with the expensive cost of living in rural Alaska.

In all 20 communities there are Community Service Centers (CSCs) where staff members serve CVRF residents and listen to their needs. The CSCs are multi-use buildings that are open to the public and offer a variety of services including meeting room rental, shop space rental, shop services, internet access and information about CVRF programs. With respect for our elders, hope for our youth, safety and well-being for all, we navigate through challenges and celebrate successes together as one large Coastal Villages community.

We invite you to stop by your local CSC and connect with the CSRs to learn more about the many opportunities available!

People Propel®

In the spirit of safety, self-sufficiency, and economic development, residents may apply for assistance in acquiring equipment critical to daily life in our remote coastal homelands.


Young CVRF residents can enlist in educational and workforce opportunities that help them build their own way to success and help us develop future leaders of our organization and region.

Community Essentials

Key stakeholders and community leaders are supported with basic, often costly necessities for living in rural Alaska such as heating homes during the winter, facilitating public safety efforts, and assisting tax preparation.

"When we all work together, we communicate better. Coastal Villages benefits our community by helping our elders, adults, and young people. CVRF's employees each work hard with their residents and they are committed to getting the job done."