Louis Bunyan Memorial Scholarship Application
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Thank you for your interest in the Louis Bunyan Memorial Scholarship (LBMS) sponsored by Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF).  The scholarship began in 1993 to provide assistance to CVRF Residents who wish to pursue careers (primarily in fisheries management, but also in other professions) and might not otherwise be able to further their academic education due to financial need.

The amount of each scholarship varies, but awards are given to cover a significant portion of the cost of tuition, books, and supplies when deemed necessary.  However, applicants must also invest their own funds and/or receive funding from other sources.  Assistance may also be given for expenses related to housing, food, and transportation incurred during the course of study/training.

By increasing the educational and vocational achievements of the CVRF Residents, CVRF hopes to enhance the long-term economic and social development of the Yukon-Kuskokwim region. 

CVRF is committed to providing our member residents with training opportunities that address the current skills needed for the individual in the region. 

The Louis Bunyan Memorial Scholarship program is available to assist CVRF residents with reaching their higher education goals.  CVRF encourages residents to use this program to enhance their skills for the benefit of the CVRF region

Deadlines to apply are:

2014 Fall Semester
June 2, 2014

2015 Spring Semester
October 31, 2014


To be considered, the following must be submitted collectively:  (incomplete submissions will not be accepted.)

  1. Online Residency Verification at
  2. Complete scholarship application
  3. Personal Statement (1 page typed)

 -What are your educational and future career goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

 -What encouraged you to pursue your educational and career goals?

 -What will you do to contribute to the community upon completion of your educational and career goals?

     3.  Acceptance letter from an accredite college or university or provide a current letter of good academic standing from the school

     4.  Cost information from the school planning to attend

     5.  Two reference sheets

     6.  Recent official college transcripts.  (Please submit via regular mail to address below, or upload)



Your local CVRF representative, the CVRF main office at 888-795-5151 or