Tununak is a small village that sits along the Southwestern coast of Alaska. It is a small village, highly active with many subsistence activies such as, seal hunting, bird hunting of all kinds such as Geese, ptarmigans etc, and fishing in all seasons.
Tununak does have high and low tides. At low tide, the bay becomes a sandbar stretching from the shoreline to about 2-4 miles, although varies in distance. The sea side and the river can become extremely shallow, too shallow for any vessel to manuvuer near the village. It's always best to contact the locals before boating to the village to find out when the high tide will be.




Namesort icon Title Phone
Anastasia Evan Tununak P/T Community Service Representative (907) 652-6250
Aurie Hooper Tununak Community Service Representative (907) 652-6250
Jimmy Inakak Tununak Mechanic/Welder (907) 652-6253
Marjorie Post Tununak P/T Community Service Representative (907) 652-6250
Phillip Kusayak Board Member


Please take every precaution when you are traveling by snow-mobile: 1. Always let a family member or someone know where you are traveling and which possible trail you are taking and...
Eskimo Dance Practices are now hosted every Sunday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at TTEC building. Everyone is welcome to participate or watch the Native dance practices.