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WB 2nd year Memorial Feed

February 19th is the second anniversary of the late Wassilie Bavilla's passing. We had an open house of the new CSC building and the family gave a feast at the same time in our CSC building to honor his memory. We had a lot of individuals who volunteered to bring a dish of goodies to share, the family cooked up a storm and we had a lot of good company, yummy food, a lot of laughter and some tears.

This day turned out beautiful by starting off with a very unique colorful sunrise from the south. It was like a blessing for the day's events to come. Our feast and Open House began at 12 noon, and we had some volunteers to help with serving. Our Church Elder, Carrie Pleasant, said a prayer of thanksgiving and blessings before we started serving. We served the elders first, followed by a line of community members who came thru the line to get their plate of goods to eat. The meal lasted from 12 noon to about 3:00 PM.

The individuals who came and started looking in different sections of this building had very good things to say about our building. This building is already busy as we are getting customers who bring their 4 wheelers, snowmachines and even vehicles to be worked on, or as a shop rental for a day. The community is well pleased to have this service available in our town. A lot of people were thankful to Coastal Villages for making this possible!

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