CVRF has been working with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game on several different salmon studies. CVRF has supplied funding and interns to investigate where salmon go to spawn, the conditions and characteristics of northern Pacific salmon, and the biological condition of the rivers and streams in the CVRF area. All of these projects help Fish and Game determine when and how much salmon can be caught in commercial openers.

Native Village of Kwinhagak

The Native Village of Kwinhagak operates the Kanektok River weir during the summer to monitor the escapement of fish swimming up to spawn.  CVRF provides matching funds to NVK. 

Kuskokwim Native Association

The Kuskokwim Native Association operates the George River weir during the summer.  For more information regarding KNA and their fisheries department, please visit their website at

Takotna Community Association

The Takotna Community Association operates the Takotna River weir during the summer.