SEASON: June - August

For the past ten plus years, fishers from the region have been able to commercially fish and deliver their catch to Coastal Villages Seafoods - CVRF’s subsidiary - in districts W1, W4 & W5. Each year, the processing capacity of CVS improved steadily and yet fishermen from the region caught more than CVS could process during the peaks of the season. Fishers voiced their concerns and CVRF responded by building The Goodnews Bay seafood processing plant in Platinum that began operations in 2009. The Board and Staff of CVRF are pleased with the new facility, and fishers are now able to fish with no limits



Direct Deposit - The fastest and safest way to get paid by Coastal Villages is for us to electronically transmit funds to your bank checking account. If you have an account, all we need is a completed Direct Deposit Request Form. If you do not have an account, we would be pleased to help you set one up. We have applications for the banks that have branches in Bethel (AK USA, First National and Wells Fargo). We can also help you learn to access and manage your account over the internet.

PrePaid Debit Cards – If you do not wish to have a bank account, then we can still pay you electronically by giving you a PrePaid Debit Card. The card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted, including ATMs and the internet. The disadvantages are that it will take slightly longer for you to get paid (5 days) and more than one ATM withdrawal per month costs $1.50 for each additional withdrawal above that.

Checks from Anchorage Office – Checks will be mailed to the plant nearest you and will be available for pickup generally within 10 days.

For more information, please contact your local Community Liaison, or the 711 H Street Anchorage office at 888-795-5151.  




SEASON: June - August

CVRF’s new plant, located in Platinum, began operations in the summer of 2009. The Platinum facility housed 125 workers in 2009, but was improved in 2010 to accomodate a total of 225 employees! Residents who want to work while staying close to home are encouraged to apply to work at this new facility!

Currently, the dorm rooms house two beds each and are considered to have better living conditions provided in the seafood industry. Improvements for recreational activities are in the process and any ideas are always welcome.

For applications, please contact your local Community Service Representative or the 711 H Street office in Anchorage at 888-795-5151.

Processing in Platinum
Goodnews Bay Regional Processing Plant
Platinum Processing Plant Grand Opening
Goodnews Bay Regional Processing Plant (aerial view)