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2018 Community Meeting Presentation


All 28,000 residents who live in the 65 communities that participate in the CDQ program deserve to be treated equally.  However, as it stands right now, there are a few who are receiving a much larger amount of benefits at the expense of thousands of other CDQ residents.

Changes need to happen and they will happen.

More and more of the 9,300 CVRF residents are beginning to realize how imbalanced the current CDQ fish allocations are.  As a result, they are taking up the issue and asking the Alaska Congressional Delegation (Senator Lisa Murkowski, Senator Mark Begich and Congressman Don Young) to amend the federal CDQ statute so that CDQ fish is allocated fairly, with each person living within 50 miles of the Bering Sea coast receiving the same amount of CDQ fish as each other.

The CDQ fish is in some ways just like the Alaska Permanent Fund and there is no  justifiable reason for our residents to receive a smaller CDQ “dividend” than our neighbors just up the coast in Emmonak or just down the coast in Togiak, or out on St. Paul and St. George islands.  We will not have a stable, sustainable CDQ program until the CDQ fish is fairly allocated and the program reflects the value of sharing among our people.

CVRF’s voters have a strong voice and can make a difference when we unite on the same cause.  About 2,000 voters from our CVRF member communities made a difference in each of the 2008, 2010 and 2012 state wide elections.  Let your voice be heard again:  Tell the Alaska Congressional Delegation that you elected them to address problems like the imbalanced CDQ allocations.  They need to amend the federal CDQ statute so that our 9,300 residents and 2,000 active voters receive a fair CDQ “dividend,” not a partial CDQ dividend that continues to favor others with more than their fair share.


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